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About us

The Company "SCARpro" was created in March of 2005. Despite its young age it already became famous. It has a simple explanation: the Company’s team is widely known working in the field of elaboration, production and after-sale service of specialized software and engineering for more than ten years. It is remarkable that first contract for elaboration the Company gained a few days after its registration.

Our developers can boast participating in elaboration of paystations and systems of management of paystations for LLC “Ukrtelekom” and some Russian telecoms operators, participating in elaboration of modern digital electricity supply meters of all grades of accuracy and electricity-recording systems, participating in elaboration of systems of cashless settlements with use of non-contact cards of standard Mifare®.

The Company represents a friendly and united team of professional associates-developers. Presently the Company "SCARpro" employs about 40 people in different branches: development of software of all levels including microprogramming, development of electronic devices and appliances of different levels of difficulty, preparation of devices for serial production and design preparation of production, preparation and participation in all types of trials, etc.

Developers of our company always work relying on the following principles.


  • Taking into consideration all requests and requirements of the Client.
    That is why we offer not just elaboration of devices, appliances and software but also their maintenance for considering requests and requirements of the Client which arose during maintenance of this device and in conditions of permanently changing market.
  • As much as possible taking into account achievements of new technologies.
    During development of microelectronic devices you can be sure that there will be used most technical, technological and economically grounded modern electronic base and during development of software there are used only the latest means of elaboration and modern technologies of the programme’s design.
  • «Turnkey» development.
    We do not just develop software or microelectronic devices or appliances. We will provide you with a “ turnkey ” system . If it is a software you will get both the programme itself and electronic documentation , reference system , programme of installation and deinstallation . If it is a device you will get all constructor’s documentation and upon request – the list of profitable suppliers of bundling.


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Реализован проект по автоматизации получения\обработки данных с пропускного пункта, с последующией передачей информации в комплекс программных средств фирмы 1С
Завершена разработка семейства контроллеров управления барьерными устройствами. Детальная информация об устройствах загрузить

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